Sunday, 4 December 2016

Our Debenhams Wish List

Today myself, my husband and 4 of our daughters (Milly couldn't come because she was busy with Derby) went to Debenhams to have a look at what we would choose for our Christmas list as part of the Debenhams Win Your Wish List competition.

Our store in Hereford is so beautifully decorated:

 and little Georgia enjoyed wandering around looking at the decorations

It wasn't long before she saw something she wanted to look at

So here's the first thing on Georgia's wish list:

Builder, Princess Palace £10.50

Next on Georgia's list is the:

Lullaby Laa-Laa  Teletubbie £30

and finally a set comprising of her very own First Gadget Set £20.  If Santa brings these for Georgia maybe, just maybe we'll get the TV remote back!

Verity chose a large tub of pick and mix, after all you can never have too many sweet treats at Christmas!

Large pick and mix tubs £18

As Milly wasn't with us I chose this for her:  A Headphone Hat for £15.  Milly is into her Japanese music right now and loves to listen to it wherever we go so this hat would be perfect to keep her head warm whilst filling her ears with her favourite tunes!

Jess and Marnie chose some make-up from the Benefit range - two Benebabes in the making lol! 

It's A Gal's World £29.50

How to look the best at everything £22.50

My husband Antony chose....well he wanted everything that was on the Ferrero Rocher stand but I think he'll settle for the Centrepiece full to the brim with 60 chocolates for £25

And for me, I have fallen in love with the super pink sparkly number from Redherring, a steal at £41.30 - perfect for the New Years eve party!

For both of us a nice new Festive bedding set for £42

And finally for a bit of fun I found lots of fun chocolate novelties - these Brussel sprouts were one of them, perfect joke present for another member of the family that doesn't like sprouts!! he he

Chocolate Sprouts £6

and also a chocolate tea pot - one of my Step dads favourite sayings "it's as much use as a Chocolate teapot, this would be great for him

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our Debenhams Christmas wish list - what's on yours this year?