About me

Hello readers and fellow bloggers.  Welcome to my blog. My name's Emma, I'm a 37 year old Mum who loves to enter competitions also known as a "comper".  I enjoy knitting, making jewellery, cooking and shopping amongst many other activities that I'm sure will come up in future blog posts!

I have a daughter, Jess who's 10 and another, Georgia just 3 months. I'm also a step mum to my husbands 3 girls, Amelia, 14, Marianne, 13 and Verity, 11.  My poor hubby, Ant,  is certainly outnumbered! We call all the older ones the "mini mums!" - they all love to mother our youngest daughter.  I'm never short of a helping hand, that's for sure!
This a picture of us as family before our littlest one came along
(picture courtesy of my good friend who's just starting out in her photography career)

Here's a picture of when Georgia arrived - Nov 2015

I wanted to create a blog as a diary of our little adventures as a family.  Also to offer advice as to how I save money as a family, what I like to do, my success as a comper,  what the kids like to do, recipes, being gluten free and my other crafting hobbies.
So there we have it, my first blog post
to be continued......

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